Vocabulary Test — Second Meanings!

Many common words have second meanings that don’t get used very often — but they do get used! The synonyms to these words are second meanings, but none are archaic or obsolete!

All of the correct answers are found in Google Word Search, Merriam-Webster Dictionary or M-W Thesaurus!

Choose the synonym! Answers at bottom!

1. Bank a. Ram b. Rob c. Tear d. Tilt

2. Actor a. Participant b. Parachute c. Gear d. Key

3. Whale a. Ski b. Steal c. Hit d. Climb

4. Casual a. Fun b. Chance c. Free d. Near

5. Keen a. Play b. Repair c. Mourn d. Gallop

6. Sop a. Concession b. Cessation c. Cry d. Crystal

7. Purchase a. Pasta b. Foothold c. Regime d. Ceremony

8. Fox a. Attack b. Propose c. Defeat d. Baffle

9. Cataract a. Lake b. Waterfall c. Stream d. Whirlpool

10. Shank a. Knife b. Shield c. Gate d. Chain

11. Animus a. Cartoon b. Motivation c. Waste d. Circus

12. Inform a. Pervade b. Crimp c. Distort d. Flow

13. Currency a. Fear b. Flux c. Modernity d. Prevalence

14. Insinuate a. Bend b. Corrupt c. Insert d. Evade

15. Mandarin a. Farmer b. Longshoreman c. Bureaucrat d. Wrestler

16. Attitude a. Weight b. Height c. Temperature d. Posture

17. Agency a. Destination b. Power c. Agility d. Generation

18. Conceit a. Cliff b. Document c. Idea d. Failure

19. Overture a. Prelude b. Churn c. Coup d. Accident

20. Idiom a. Dunce b. Debutante c. Dialect d. Downfall

21. Bovine a. Tall b. Generous c. Loud d. Ignorant

22. Host a. Multitude b. Dessert c. Tablecloth d. Revelation

23. Lather a. Lava b. Panic c. Elation d. Hide

24. Fare-thee-well a. Victory b. Utmost c. Mediocrity d. Surcharge

25. Bluff a. Boring b. Tan c. Muscular d. Curt


  1. d , 2. a , 3. c , 4. b , 5. c , 6. a , 7. b , 8. d , 9. b , 10. a , 11. b , 12. a ,

13. d , 14. c , 15. c , 16. d , 17. b , 18. c , 19. a, 20. c , 21. d , 22. a, 23. b,

24. b , 25. d .

Number correct:

1–9 Word Apprentice

10–15 Logophile

16–20 Linguaphile

21-24 Wordsmith

All 25 Logomaniac !



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