Today’s Quiz : Pink can mean : a. sink b. smooth c. pierce d. gab

Words are awesome. Using uncommon ones in your writing will get you noticed. But we don’t use unusual words, especially French words, when speaking because it’s like putting on airs.

Movies anyone?

How about the 2008 motion picture “Synecdoche.” Rhymes with Schenectady. It means something symbolic of the whole. Like using ‘bubbly’ for champagne or ‘plastic’ for credit card. The word metonym comes pretty close in meaning to synecdoche.

“Promethean” is a 2011 release named for the mythical god who gave the gift of fire to mankind. So Promethean has come to mean a revolutionary breakthrough.

Groups of birds and animals often have whimsical names. “Murder of Crows” is a 1998 thriller that reminds us that a murder is a group of crows.

From 1985 we have “St. Elmo’s Fire” named for an electrical phenomenon over watercraft at sea.

“The Revenant” is a 2015 flick about someone who’s believed to be dead, but somehow inexplicably returns.

“Switchback” from 1997 features a harum-scarum road course with hairpin turns. Also from 1997, “Wag the Dog” ultimately gave us two meanings from the expression. It can mean either a diversionary tactic, or when something that should be a controlling force becomes a secondary force.

Besides a candy, a truffle is a subsurface edible fungus, sniffed out in 2021’s “Pig.”

“Black Mass” is a 2015 film about hoodlum Whitey Bulger, from satanic worship.

In the 1990 classic “Home Alone” the curmudgeon in the monochromatic segment says “floor flusher” but he meant to say “four flusher!” A floor flusher was a marathon dancer from the 1930s. A four flusher was a card shark from the old American West.

Remember “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” from the 1960s? A limpet is a bivalve that sucks onto a boat. It can also be used as a metaphor for a clingy individual!

Quiz answer: c. Pierce, as pinking shears



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