Today’s quiz: Animus can mean: a. Cartoon b. Motivation c. Waste d. Circus

Agency is a classy jewel. It indicates the wherewithal to get things done. A corporate CEO needs to have powers —agency — to meet his goals for the company. President McKinley said every agency of peace must be used before resorting to war.

Palatine is a city in Illinois, named after one of seven the hills of Rome. It also illuminates palatial, as a palace. Additionally it outlines a jurisdiction, used in post positive. “The bishops palatine.”

By the way, don’t muddle these up: A palette is an array of colors on an artist’s board. A palette knife can be used as an alternative to a traditional artist’s brush to paint a picture. Ever watch the late Bob Ross work his magic on T.V.? The palate is the roof of one’s mouth. A pallet is a wood based grid or frame that’s used for stacking and shipping product.

A meritocratic government results when those at the helm have earned their station. Meritocrats can earn other rewards as well. Student scholarship winners are meritocrats.

Wrangler is a dandy plum. A cowboy roping cattle and a government aide directing the men and women of the press corp are cattle wranglers and press wranglers, respectively.

Enjoy French? Instead of saying Cheney Senior, say Cheney Pere to distinguish him from his daughter. (Accent over first ‘e’)

Bagatelle is a delightful wordage. It’s a game played with rolling balls; or a light piece of music, especially on piano; or a thing of little importance. There is a Bagatelle Road on Long Island, New York. The burghers who reside there don’t think they are of little importance!

Answer: b. Motivation, as in animate. But the most common meaning is a strong distaste. Only by context can we determine what the author meant.



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