Noel Hennessy
2 min readJul 12, 2021


More second meanings…

…The words are easy…the synonyms are hard!

All correct matchups are from Google word search, Merriam-Webster online, or!

  1. Ripe a. Indecent b. Soaked c. Sour d. Original
  2. Knob a. Blue blood b. Umbrella c. Mountain d. Flagpole
  3. Career a. Construct b. Climb c. Destroy d. Careen
  4. Mannered a. Angry b. Affected c. Proposed d. Meticulous
  5. Fret a. Bent b. Decorated c. Eroded d. Announced
  6. Kicks a. Video games b. Nails c. Caps d. Sneakers
  7. Expansive a. Graceful b. Sumptuous c. Talkative d. Lanky
  8. Transport a. Encourage b. Affront c. Calculate d. Enthrall
  9. Cabin a. Confine b. Ignite c. Retire d. Eat

10. Repair a. Shout b. Collide c. Celebrate d. Go to

11. Portfolio a. Wisdom b. Duties c. Generosity d. Productivity

12. Skids a. Brakes b. Glasses c. Bumpers d. Scissors

13. Occurs a. Plows b. Knits c. Exists d. Slides

14. Riotous a. Harsh b. Untrue c. Exhausting d. Exuberant

15. Swarms a. Storm clouds b. Earthquakes c. Hurricanes d. Droughts

16. Couch a. Phrase b. Build c. Crush d. Reveal

17. Shredder a. Landscaper b. Printer c. Maniac d. Guitarist

18. Bender a. Fender b. Steel-man c. Spree d. Aspiration

19. Chukka a. Football period b. Ice hockey period c. Polo period

d. Basketball period

20. Borne a. Circular sofa b. Boring lecture c. New product

d. Deadly projectile

21. Magpie a. Predator b. Collector c. Bagpipe d. Pastry

22. Dragoon a. Overcome b. Forbid c. Travel d. Coerce

23. Yoked a. Pale b. Exhausted c. Muscular d. Crippled

24. Apprehend a. Delay b. Lose c. Fail d. Understand

25. Murder a. Group of Witches b. Group of Crows c. Group of Farmers d. Group of US Navy Seals


1. a 2.c 3.d 4.b 5.c 6.d 7.c 8.d 9.a 10.d 11.b 12.a 13.c 14.d 15.b 16.a 17.d 18.c 19.c 20.a 21.b 22.d 23.c 24.d 25.b

Number correct:

1 to 9 Word Apprentice

10 to 15 Logophile

16 to 20 Linguaphile

21 to 24 Wordsmith

All 25 Logomaniac!